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Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is the best remedy after an exhausting day. Massaging is one of the most crucial relaxation techniques with a long and spectacular history. As the techniques developed more and more types of similar rituals appeared on the market. From the complex to the simple ones all aim to release people from stress and revive their both spiritual and physical health. Swedish massaging techniques are among the most easy-to-handle tricks in order to boost our energy supplies. Learn more about the basic and revolutionary benefits of Swedish massage from the following ideas.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Priding itself with a long and precious history, this relaxation ritual aims to simplify the main movements and pressing methods. The name refers to the creator of the set of techniques, Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor. Increasing the spreading of the oxygen in the blood is the main assets that makes Swedish massage extremely healthy for the heart. The multitude of benefits cover both the immune system, bone and muscle structure as well as our mental health. As one of the most popular type of spa massaging this technique appeals to the use of strokes, circular movements, smooth pressure as well as specialized and reviving oils and products. In order to get a detailed insight into the role and art of massaging it is highly recommended to skim through the main benefits of Swedish massage.

  • Muscle tension is one of the main problems people struggle with. Both the ones who follow an extremely active lifestyle as well as people who barely do any exercising, might encounter a similar disorder. Swedish massaging will be the ultimate means to restore the flawless condition of the body as well as release the stress that affect the muscles.

  • Elimination of the toxins from the body is also the main function of massaging. The lymphatic system is stimulated in order to be able to get rid of all the harmful agents that might settle down in our organism. Due to the signature movements the muscles are massaged in the direction of blood flow this way enhancing the circulation of oxygen.

  • Sedating the nervous system is an additional assets of these techniques. Those who are under pressure all day long might experience anxiety. This will not limit itself to the nervous system but will also affect the muscles and joints. Appeal to this alternative medicine treatment in order to pamper your mind and body with a soothing session.

  • Energy flow is one of the guaranteed effects of Swedish massage. Due to the spreading of the oxygen as well as other healthy nutrients in the blood and the whole body in general, the main systems will be able to fuel their mechanism with these. This phenomenon will boost not only our physical strength but also our metabolism
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    Concentrating on special areas the Swedish massage will target all the main body parts, muscles and tissues in order to cure eventual disorders on the level of muscles as well as nerves and joints. The various techniques aim to enhance flexibility as well as the natural healing of affected areas. Immerse in the infinite array of advantages of this massaging techniques with the help of professionals or do-it-yourself tutorials.

    Techniques of Swedish Massage

    The different techniques synchronize into a relaxation spa session in order to release the tension from the muscles as well as boost the production of healthy tissues. In order to dive into the art of this ancient massaging method look through the main Swedish massage steps and their function as well as benefits.

  • Effleurage: This is one of the most commonly used techniques in all types of massages. The muscles are targeted and with it the elimination of tension. The masseuse will appeal to sweeping strokes all over the body, the careful procedure penetrates into the depth of tissues in order to further enhance the oxygen flow in the organism. This method has a miraculous effect both on blood flow as well as the glands that eliminate the harmful toxins.
  • Petrissage: At this phase the masseuse will squeeze the muscles in order to increase the efficiency of the ritual. A similar kneading aims to massage the tissues all over the body. This will allow the oxygen to nourish the affected muscles. Perfect to ease muscle and joint tension.
  • Friction: It's not a novelty that friction is mainly used to produce heat. Spreading this warm flow all over the body will offer a soothing and relaxing effect to the muscles. The skin and implicitly the tissues are treated with a gentle rubbing technique by the hand of the masseuse. The contact between the skin and the hands will serve as the ultimate means to restore the healthy condition of the body.
  • Vibration: The area which will be handled with massaging is relaxed with vibration. The masseuse will use either the fingertips or the sides of the hand to break the muscles and create a spotless and smooth area for the following techniques. The hands move crossed, back and forth in circular and well-defined movements.
  • Tapottement: The simple and mild strokes propose the energy boost in the body. The masseuse will use her hands to slightly hit the areas where the muscles should be relaxed or it can be done also through pressures. The loose effect will guarantee the proper relaxation of the body and also the ideal functioning of muscles.
  • Traction: This is one of the massaging techniques that apparently has nothing to do with strokes and pressure. However pulling the legs and arms has a more refined aim, namely to stretch the muscles and boost flexibility. It crowns the other techniques as being the finishing phase of the whole session.

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