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Shiatsu Massage

The various massaging techniques are used since ages in order to relieve stress and anxiety as well as keep our mind and body in perfect balance. Using the different alternative medicine techniques professionals managed to perfect some of the most popular treatments and fuse them into a single and miraculous ritual. The Shiatsu massage managed to lead the top of alternative medicine practices that are used all over the world. The first step to master the art of a similar massage is to enrich our knowledge of the origins as well as its benefits. The acupressure popularized throughout the decades will provide you with a healing and relaxing ritual to restore your spotless health.

Shiatsu Massage Basics

The Shiatsu massage managed to become one of the widely practiced and acclaimed alternative treatments to treat various affections and physical disorders. The acupressure was used in the oriental cultures as one of the natural remedies to treat muscle sores as well as restore the harmony between mind and body. As one of the most popular remedies to relieve stress and deliberate the body from anxiety, Shiatsu has its origins in the Chinese culture. Combining some of the highly respected medical principles as well as the holistic approach of alternative medicine, this type of massage was spread in the US and Europe in the 20th century. The ritual basically starts with a stretching phase that is done especially on a padded mat.

The help of a professional is paramount especially in the course of the first sessions. The treatment continues with the actual pressure massage first in an intensive speed, however it must not be painful at all. Instead it can boost the blood flow with the various vibrating, kneading and also rubbing techniques.

A similar healing session lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on our personal preferences and needs.In order to be versed with the miraculous effects of the Shiatsu massage make sure you enrich your knowledge with the basic and more complex benefits of this type of massage.

Shiatsu Massage Benefits

Alternative medicine demonstrated the multitude benefits of Shiatsu through the various studies. Therefore it was considered a healthy and nourishing practice both for healthy as well as ill individuals. From the physical to mental disorders all were successfully ameliorated and treated with Shiatsu. The first step towards diving into the depth of this practice is to learn more about its benefits.

Migraine Headaches
  • More and more people struggle with migraine headahces that can ruin our health. The blood vessels that suddenly widen or on the contrary narrow are the main culprits in the case of a similar condition. However the headache is further aggravated by other syndromes as vision problems, pain, anxiety as well as nausea.

  • This reaction can be triggered by various factors as hunger, stress as well as the weather. Shiatsu however found the remedy for a similar disorder. The acupressure massage managed to ameliorate the symptoms and can also eliminate the stress from our muscles and implicitly blood vessels. Due to the circular and rapid movements the blood flow will immediately increase that can prevent the widening or narrowing of the vessels.

  • Pregnancy Pains
  • Mom-to-bes often scream for a remedy that would ameliorate their back and neck pain as well as cramps and various symptoms. Indeed doctors argue the use of any massaging technique during this critical period. Moreover there are various essential oils that should be also avoided in order not to cause any harm to the baby.However it seems that Shiatsu passed the precise test and became one of the most sought-after relaxation rituals during pregnancy.

  • The acupressure techniques target the treatment of insomnia, depression, nausea, morning sickness as well as leg pains. Furthermore it is also well-known that Shiatsu can also contribute to the turning of babies who are in the wrong position.

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Due to unhealthy nutrition we might struggle with digestive disorders. Acupressure has the perfect solution in order to prevent the appearance of these. Shiatsu serves as the perfect remedy for bloating especially if you use your middle finger and push the spot right below your lowest rib.

  • Indigestion is one of the severest problems that can cause pain and discomfort. Therefore appeal to the miraculous effect of Shiatsu to eliminate these. Use the help of a professional instead of experimenting on your body without any knowledge of the precise steps of a textbook style Shiatsu massage.

  • Muscle Pain

  • Those who struggle with arthritis or frequent muscle sores might expose their joints and body to great pressure. However Shiatsu will relieve the pain and can help you find a remedy for relaxation and the boosting of your flexibility. The joint pains can be ameliorated with the acupressure exercised on your feet and hands. This practice targets the focal points of the pain and manage to eliminate the sore from the whole body. Both active as well as older people can experiment with a similar massage in order to boost the blood as well as energy flow in the body.

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