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Sauna Benefits

Ancient wisdom has proven to be extremely valuable for the modern individual who is beginning to rediscover the health and beauty benefits of practicing certain ancient rituals. Nowadays saunas are gaining more and more popularity due to the amazing effects over the mind and the body. Discover the incredible benefits of regular sauna sessions.

Different variations of saunas have existed since Stone Age. Historical records prove that in Finnish
saunas, which are the most popular ones have been invented more than 2000 years ago. Saunas have begun to evolve significantly especially since a deeper understanding of the advantages of regular sauna has been acquired. Saunas can be divided in two major categories wet saunas and dry saunas.

Wet saunas also called steam rooms are generally kept at a temperature of about 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit whereas in dry saunas the temperature can reach up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Most saunas are made from wood which deliver pleasurable scents as they heat, promoting relaxation. Other types of saunas are smoke saunas, infrared saunas and steam saunas. The heat sources from saunas are very varied ranging from wood, gas, special infrared heaters to unconventional sources such as solar power.

Benefits of sauna

Benefits of saunaStress relief

Saunas are now used mostly for recreational purposes. Saunas and steam baths represent a perfect alternative for those who wish to relax and unwind as well as to relieve stress, anxiety and depression effectively.

While all types of saunas have a relaxing effect over the mind and body sauna devotees claim that infrared sauna is the best choice as these types of saunas promote a profound relaxation, release tension and decrease fatigue within the first minutes of use.

Instant natural detox
Steam and high temperatures have a profound effect on our body. The skin is well know for its ability to remove harmful toxins from our body trough various methods. Modern lifestyle often reduces the skin's ability to eliminate toxins,especially during the winter months when we don't sweat as much. With regular sauna sessions the skin's natural protective barrier is being restored and it functions at its maximum capacity. As a result the skin complexion is improved having a clean and smooth appearance.

Immune system boost
Intense heat can enhance the immune system's capacity. It seems that intense heat can create a state of artificial fever which speeds up the body's healing processes. This artificial fever boosts the production of white cells and kills viruses,parasites and bacteria. Viruses, bacterias,fungi and certain types of parasites can be very sensitive and often don't survive at high temperatures.

Improved blood circulation and weight loss
Similar to an exercise session 15-20 spent in a sauna can raise your heart rate by more than 50%, burn about 300 calories and raise your metabolism being a valuable tool when it comes to weight loss. As a result the blood flow increases and the transportation of oxygen and nutritional substances becomes significantly more efficient and the blood pressure lowers.With proper oxygenation your body is able to natural detoxification mechanisms and thus detoxification processes become more efficient at multiple levels. Moreover aches and pains such as back pain, joint pain, muscle cramps become less intense or they can disappear all together.

While saunas can be a wonderful tool for enhancing both physical and mental health it is important to know that not everyone not everyone might be able to enjoy sauna sessions risk free. Those who suffer from chronic illnesses, heart disease, blood pressure problems, have a history of adrenal suppression, SLE, hemophilia, multiple scleroses and pregnant women should always consult their doctor before getting sauna sessions.

Also before using the sauna it's important to keep in mind the following recommendations:
-avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or medication that might interfere with the sweating process
-drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
-avoid staying in the sauna for more than 20 minutes
-get out of the sauna immediately if you start feeling unwell

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