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Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy doesn't necessarily means a passive lifestyle, prenatal Yoga is one of the basic exercise that is highly recommended and promoted by specialists. Preserving both mental and physical health is paramount since we are basically responsible not only for our but also the baby's well-being. This can be achieved only through a balanced diet and some soothing and relaxing rituals. Including prenatal Yoga in the weekly or daily routine of mom-to-bes is a wise idea to stay in shape both all throughout the pregnancy as well as in labor. Consider the main benefits of this type of pregnancy exercise for a relieving and revitalizing workout session.

Prenatal Yoga Benefits

Those women who followed a well-defined workout plan even before pregnancy will find prenatal Yoga on of the most creative ways to continue to preserve their best shape. Besides the aesthetic effect it also offers some health advantages which prove to be more than useful during giving childbirth and afterward. The Indian roots of this exercise guarantee a fusion of the mental with the physical harmony. The signature moves combined with the appropriate breathing techniques aim to both train muscles and at the same time eliminate the tension and stress from the body. Banishing this burden our mind and body will be ready to concentrate on the more important things as our and the child's health. These are some of the most prominent benefits of prenatal Yoga to be considered.

  • Back Pain: Due to the weight and other factors the back of women is under a constant pressure. Indeed pain relief is one of the greatest dreams that can be achieved through Yoga poses. Moreover the back will not only get stronger but the posture will also be improved as a result of flexibility exercises. Our back plays a central role during birth, pelvic tilt is one of the main triggering factors of the majority of back pains. Consequently some of the mobility exercises will help us get used to using it rationally preventing any injuries.

  • Sedates Nerves: Especially a few weeks before birth, women tend to be nervous and anxious either due to impatience or fear from pains. Those who are engaged into a similar workout routine will claim that prenatal Yoga is able to sedate the nervous system. Meaning, that practitioners will be able to handle anxiety and critical situation with mastery. Moreover relaxation offered by breathing and stretching all contribute to the success of birth.

  • Flexibility: One of the key elements that will be of a huge help during labor is flexibility. Therefore it is highly recommended to devote special attention to this factor. Prenatal Yoga encourages the stretching of both muscles and even tissues. Furthermore the boost in the circulation of oxygen is yet, another guarantee to the efficiency of exercises. Enhancing the meditation and inner harmony, mothers will be able to establish a special relationship with their babies.

  • Sleeping: It is a common situation that mothers can't sleep due to the pain in their spine and cervical regions. Undoubtedly Yoga can be again a remedy for the discomfort. These have the ability to increase the fluidity in our spin and also stretch the paramount muscles in this region. A better sleeping will further contribute to the well-being of the mother and would gradually banish fatigue and additional pain.

  • Easy Labor: It might sound impossible, however these simple exercises and moves will help you on a long-term. During labor you might feel a huge amount of tension in your body. Relaxation is the key to ease your job, Yoga, moving also on a spiritual and mental level will be able to set you on the right track and control your muscles and moves. Moreover stress can also affect your breath which can be dangerous in the case of labor.

  • Labor Position: Yoga exercise can be turned into perfect labor positions. Instructors will help you get used to these moves and prepare you both mentally and physically for the great day. Those who are keen to experiment with these will find the set of exercises inspiring. Contractions will necessitate special poses, these are offered beforehand and can be learned through time. Feel free to appeal to your knowledge and the positions you practiced during the workout session.

  • Prenatal Yoga Risks

    Professionals also encourage finding out more on the risks, prenatal Yoga might presuppose as well as the precautions to avoid pregnancy complications. In order to expand our knowledge on pregnancy exercise it is worth taking a closer look to these ideas that aim to inform you about the factors that might sabotage the efficiency of the workout and also threaten successful birth.

  • As the months pass and the baby grows, you'll also get bigger. This is one of the most important factors that should be taken into account when choosing your exercises. In order to avoid any accidents skip poses that require you to lie down. Since, this can slow down the blood flow and would harm the baby and also the uterus. The best idea would be to switch your position and practice healthier and more safe exercises.

  • Right in the first trimester until the placenta is not completely fixed the jumping exercises might jeopardize the pregnancy. Miscarriage is the worst that can happen in this period. Instead of taking any unnecessary risks it is highly advisable to change these moves into steps that offer a more relaxing effect. Furthermore these would require less effort and would protect the health of both baby and mother.

  • Take care of your joints and ligaments, during your Yoga practice. Indeed during these months a special hormone, called relaxin allows the uterus to widen preserving its spotless condition. This is indeed one of your allies during labor and finally birth. Therefore avoid strong and effort-taking muscle exercises and do only the set of safe stretching. Ask for the help of your instructor if you have doubts about the safety of certain poses.

  • Pregnancy is indeed a gift, in order to stay in shape both mentally and physically. Those who are eager to continue their active and dynamic lifestyle still dressed down to safe and more relaxing exercises will find prenatal Yoga the perfect remedy to release from the accumulated tension that surrounds these months.

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