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Body Massage and Therapy Massage

Massage and the different variations of this ritual have a long tradition. In ancient times people enjoyed the benefits of this relaxation technique from the simple to the more complex patterns. Both for the sake of our spiritual and physical condition it is recommended to include this miraculous ritual in our daily or at least weekly routine. Alternative medicine proves that besides supplements the massage can also improve our health, with the tranquillizing effect of essential oils and sophisticated movements. Those who are fascinated by traditional and time-tested cures to heal illnesses and painful conditions it is advisable to skim through the multitude of massaging techniques to find the one that best suits their personality and lifestyle.



Types of Massage Therapy

Common types of massage therapies are used all over the world in order to release the tension from the body and strengthen the resistance of the muscles and bones to pressure and other external factors.

Those who are fans of this ancient ritual will find the unlimited variety of techniques the perfect source of inspiration to launch on regular massage sessions. Some of the most efficient and appreciated massage therapies are:

- Swedish Massage: As one of the most simple and often practiced therapy, the Swedish massage aims to relax the muscles with the help of essential oils and soothing lotions.

- Thai Massage: This therapy utilizes the gentle and also precise pressure technique on the critical spots of the body. Switching the basic positions is one of the common principles that characterize this massage. For a refreshing and energetic experience choose Thai massage as the perfect spare time spa activity.

- Hot Stone Massage: In the course of a similar hot stone massage session, warm and smooth stones are placed on the critical spots of the body. These will channel the pressure from the muscles into a positiver energy. In fact this is one of the most gentle practices among the versatile techniques.

- Shiatsu: Japanese massaging is famous of its efficiency and extremely relaxing quality. Through the power of finger pressures the focal points are massaged and the energy is released all over the body to revive the muscles and nervous system.  

- Aromatherapy Massage: Besides the signature technique of stretches and pressure the essential oils will further enhance the release of the tension. Those who are exposed to extreme stress might find the aromatherapy perfect to restore the balance in their organism and nervous system.

Choose a certain massage therapy according to your preferences. Match the character of these with your personality and lifestyle, whether you are longing for a simple relaxation ritual or more complex and healing cures, professionals will provide you with the necessary information on all the various types of massages available on the market.

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