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Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which is not yet fully understood and can affect people of all ages. Find out what you need to know about insomnia so you can enjoy your nights of rest.

Known as a sleeping disorder, insomnia can affect everyone at a certain point in life as it is not a disease yet a symptom which can be triggered due to several factors. Insomnia acts as an impediment in falling asleep or maintaining sleep.

Insomnia Types

There are a variety of terms used to classify insomnia, depending on a variety of factors but according to it's extent insomnia can be classified as:

  • transient if the insomnia has lasted less than 1 month

  • short term if the insomnia has lasted more than one month but less than 3

  • long term or chronic if the insomnia lasted more that 3 months

  • Causes for Insomnia

    There are a variety of insomnia triggering factors which can affect people differently. These factors can be physical or psychological and their effects depend on each person's personality.

  • stress

  • illness

  • changes in life and lifestyle

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • sleep apnea

  • chronic pain

  • respiratory problems

  • Insomnia Diagnosis

    Insomnia can sometimes be misdiagnosed as it can be a symptom of other diseases. Insomnia can indeed pose a problem as our organism needs rest to find the energy and the strength to function properly. Not getting enough sleep can trigger other health problems so treatment is necessary. Give your physician all the information necessary about your sleep, sleep problems, duration of sleep, etc.
    Insomnia has not yet been fully understood, so offering the correct information is vital in finding the cause of the insomnia problems.

    Insomnia Treatments

  • relaxation therapy is meant to induce a state of tranquility and relaxation which will lead to the installation of good quality sleep. There are a variety of relaxation techniques available to suit all preferences from aromatherapy to relaxation massages

  • stimulus control therapy is used to re-associate the sleepy mood with the bedroom since the bedroom should always be associated with your comfort and rest zone

  • medical treatments are also available for the people who don't respond to other treatments. The medicines are meant to induce sleep and they will only come with a prescription. Herbal medicines don't require a prescription and they offer a solution for naturalists

  • sleep restriction means to promote sleep by limiting the time spent into the bedroom to sleep and sexual activities only. This way the brain will immediately form a link between the bed and sleep, installing it much easily

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