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How to Get a Peaceful Sleep

Sleep is as important as water and air. Yet, too many people are confronting nowadays with sleeping disorders. Nothing is worse than not being able to fall asleep and trying to disconnect yourself at least during the night. Sleeping problems are most of the time caused by all the stress and tension gathered during the day, and that continue to torture you even when you are trying to rest. However, there are a few techniques that might help you get rid of all negative thoughts and allow you to subside into a peaceful sleep.

At the end of a rough day the only thing that we have in mind is to have a nice bath and a peaceful sleep. Sometimes, all the stress gathered during the day doesn’t allow you to have a good rest, while your energy level is still high, and you feel tensioned and stressed. In this situation, there are a few methods that can help you free your mind and get into a state of peace and understanding.  

Progressive relaxation
If you are not able to fall asleep you should try a relaxation technique. Lay in bad and think about all the problems concerning you at the moment, and promise yourself that you’ll solve them tomorrow as right now there is nothing you can to about them.

Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing and to your face. Contract the muscles of your face for two seconds and then relax them completely. Do the same thing with your neck, shoulders, arms chest, back, stomach, and legs. You can repeat the process until you feel relaxed. After you finish, allow all the tensions remained to flow down, and connect your body with the ground.

Prepare for sleep
The ideal thing to do would be to take a walk every evening. Also dinner should be taken with at least three hours before going to bed, and make sure it doesn’t contain fats, anything fried or meat. An airy room is also an essential element when it comes to a peaceful night and a profound sleep.

Stay in bed
Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you wake up and just cannot sleep. In this case, don’t get out of bed and try to get an occupation until sleep comes back. The right thing to do would be to stay in bed and try to sleep.

Say no to influences
Even for some of you alcohol is the best sleeping remedy that helps you fall asleep easily, most of the times this “treatment” has the effect of waking you up right in the middle of night, and afterwards sleep comes even harder. Also, avoid smoking before going to bed as it acts as a stimulant that might not let you sleep. Don't drink coffee, green or black tea after 3-4 pm.

Try going to bed at the same hour every night in order to customize your body to prepare itself for sleep. Going to bed at the same hour is very important, but even more important is to wake up every day at the same hour as reflexes are formed easily, in just a few days, and this way our brain saves energy that it directs towards other activities.

You should always keep in mind that your bedroom must be a place of relaxation and escape. Therefore, you have to transform it into an oasis of peace and a refuge where you can get a good sleep and recharge yourself with positive energy.

By respecting some basic Feng Shui rules, you’ll be able to change your bedroom into the most relaxing place where you can forget about all the stress and problems during the day.

Relaxing bath
If at the end of the day you feel exhausted, try an aromatherapy bath that will allow you to have a nice sleep. You can use a mixture of dried plants such as chamomile, lime blossoms and primrose, and boil them for about 20 minutes in 3 liters of water.

Meanwhile, you can prepare your bath, put some soft music, light some candles, and you can even use some lavender aromatherapy oil. Add the plants into the bathtub and relax.

Don’t use sleeping pills
For most of those who suffer of insomnia, sleeping pills are the best, yet dangerous solution. You should stay away from the so controversial sleeping pill addiction as this type of pills change the way your body mechanism works, and this can be seen the next day when it comes to daily productivity.

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