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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy can be one of the most relaxing experiences you have ever had. Find out how this alternative therapy works and what benefits you can obtain from it so you can make stressful days disappear.

Hot stone massage is a massage type meant to bring relaxation and relief for the body and mind. The hot stone massage has a suggestive name, as it uses heated stones placed on certain key parts of the body to relax and sooth pain. This type of massage has been used since ancient times so it is a technique which has resisted time.

How does hot stone massage work?

The stones used in this type of massage are made out of basalt, so they are not your regular type of stones. They use a specific type of stone as this type of rock contains a high level of iron, iron which is known as a good heat conductor. The rocks have a very smooth surface, surface given by water erosion. The rocks are extracted from rivers and selected for this type of massages.
To perform the hot stone massage, the stones are introduced into an electrical bases machine which heats water at a certain degree. The great conductibility of the stones allows them to heat at a certain temperature relatively quick. The stones are then removed and applied on certain points of the body, on the back, palms, feet, etc.
The therapist applies the stones in the areas that need treatment. The smooth surface of the stones adheres perfectly to the skin making the heat transfer easier. The heat given off by the stones soothes the muscles and can relieve certain health conditions. The massage therapist can apply a bit of pressure and subtle movement to massage the skin using the stones. This can stimulate and relax the muscles.

What is stone massage beneficial for

Stone massages are highly beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis and people who experience being cold often. This type of massage is highly beneficial for people who are not too fond of deep tissue massages and prefer a lighter version massage. The heat of the stones can relax the muscles and provide a state of relaxation and tension relief.
Hot stone massage therapy can be beneficial for:

  • back pain relief

  • bad blood circulation improvement

  • tension relief

  • stress relief

  • The hot stone massage received can benefit the mind and body. The body relaxes and a state of well being and relaxation can take over. The effects of the hot stone massage can be felt instantly.

    When to avoid hot stone massages

    Not everyone should opt for this alternative therapy as certain skin or health problems can be amplified. Avoid hot stone therapy if:

  • you have a contagious skin problem

  • present any skin rashes

  • have fresh wounds

  • you have a heart disease without consulting your physician first

  • you recently undergone a surgical intervention

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