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Home Remedies for Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS stands for those physical and emotional alterations experienced by women weeks or days before the start of the menstrual cycle. Generally these uncomfortable, frustrating symptoms disappear when the actual menstruation begins. About 80% of women suffer form PMS before the start of their menstrual period. If you read on, you can find some useful home remedies for premenstrual syndrome to help your feel great and energetic even on those days.

PMS Symptoms

The most common symptoms of PMS are oversensitivity, emotional instability, crying, frequent and sudden changes in mood, irritability, anger, swollen, tender breasts, cramps, dizziness, vomiting, headaches, stomach pain, muscle pain or concentration difficulties. Generally these premenstrual syndromes differ in intensity and duration from women to women and from period to period.

It is believed that PMS is caused by the hormone changes that your body goes through during the menstrual cycle. These changes may trigger a large variety of mood-related and physical symptoms before the beginning of menstruation. Keeping a menstrual diary is one of the best ways to get a diagnosis of PMS. If you notice that these various alternations usually appear around the middle of the cycle and last until the menstrual flow starts, then PMS is the triggering factor.

Once you get a clearer image about the functioning of your body, you can start to find the best remedies for your problems related to PMS. Nowadays, many treatment methods are known and applied to cure these symptoms, however many of these are helpful for some women while others may need different treatments. Let’s see some great natural remedies for premenstrual syndrome which may help you to beat those days successfully.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies
  • Chaste Tree Berry

    Chaste Tree herb is one of the most commonly used natural treatments to cure PMS. These herbs are the ripe berry fruits of the chaste tree, which can be found mainly on the southern part of Europe and Asia. The extracts of the chaste berry were even used by Greek physicians in the ancient times, in order to provide proper relief for premenstrual syndrome of women. Nowadays various researches have shown that chaste berry is highly effective way to treat PMS syndromes such as headaches, irritability, breast tenderness and depression.

  • Hot Bath

    Taking a hot bath is one of the most relaxing and easiest methods to get rid of some premenstrual symptoms, being really efficient to cure mainly PMS cramps. Hot bath relaxes your muscles and helps to successfully beat some bothersome symptoms that appear during the menstrual period.

  • Calcium

    According to scientific studies, women who suffer from various premenstrual syndromes have a lower calcium level. As the study has shown, those women who have a proper calcium intake from their daily food had less and more moderate PMS symptoms. Calcium supplements are also a great way to reduce sudden mood changes, bloating and various PMS pains.

  • Adequate Diet

    One of the most important things to find a relief from premenstrual syndromes is paying attention to your daily diet. Try to avoid consuming lots of salt, refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol with approximately one week before the menstrual period. Caffeine will only increase anxiety, irritability and mood fluctuations.
    Salt is usually responsible for bloating, breast tenderness and cramps.
    Fatty foods and red meats are also things you better stay away from, mainly in this period, since they raise the estrogen levels in your body thus exacerbate premenstrual syndromes.
    Try to include more foods that are high in potassium content, such as fish or broccoli and eat lots of fruits, veggies and nuts every day to successfully fight PMS symptoms. Vitamin E and magnesium will also help you to get rid of your problems related to the premenstrual period.

  • Relaxation and moderate exercise are also wonderful ways to get a relief from the PMS syndrome.

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