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Health Benefits of Tea

People have been enjoying the benefits of tea for thousands of years. It seems that this all natural healthy beverage not only has an amazing taste, it has plenty of healthy properties as well, depending on the type of tea desired to drink. Find out what are teas most appreciated benefits so you can lead a healthy and improved lifestyle.

There are a variety of known tea benefits given by different plants which were known for their healthy properties. Being considered one of the healthiest beverages consumed in the world, tea has managed to increase it's popularity due to the vast variety of favors available.

Which are the healthiest teas?

Tea was first developed from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, the ever green tree about 4700 years ago in China. The teas deriving from Camellia sinensis are considered to be among the healthiest teas in the world. Black, green, oolong (red) and white tea are the most popular teas drank by tea lovers and alternative medicine followers. They have a very well defined flavor and several health benefits for the mind and body. The difference between black, green, red and white tea is given by the preparation process.

Why is tea beneficial?

Well, one of the first things which can be observed in teas is that they are made out of all natural ingredients. The plants which the teas are made can differ in order to widen the benefits obtained through regular and prolonged consumption. Whether herbal tea or tea derived from Camellia sinensis, teas capture the essence of the herbs through infusion.
Some teas are known for containing polyphenols which are known for combating cancer and other health problems. Other teas have other properties like laxative, calming, anti-inflammatory, etc.

What are the main benefits of tea?

Depending on the plant the tea is made out of, there are a variety of benefits given by tea. The most common and most popular teas are the ones that help against:

  • Aging as aging is a subject which preoccupies most people. Although a natural process which affects all people, the aging process can be slowed down using antioxidants contained in teas. Red or oolong tea is considered to be the most beneficial in anti-aging as it contains antioxidants which help maintain a youthful appearance for longer.

  • Cancer as it is a disease which seems to be spreading rather than regressing. Different studies have been performed in order to discover a cure for this terrifying disease but no cure has been found. Some of the studies performed show that green and white tea have the property to fight against cancer as they helped maintain healthy cells from turning malignant.

  • Low metabolism. Green tea can help speed up the metabolism and speed up fat oxidation turning it into energy, energy highly necessary for the body.

  • Weight gain and promote weight loss as green tea can help boost up the metabolism and speed up the fat burning process. The weight loss will be more obvious over long periods of consumption time.

  • Heart disease as black tea can help improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. This will lead to improving cardiovascular health.

  • Bad breath caused by bacteria found in the mouth can be inhibited through drinking tea as teas can help inhibit bacteria growth.

  • Fungal infections can also be treated using tea, especially white tea as white tea contains antifungal and antibacterial ingredients.

  • How often to drink tea?

    To experience the health benefits of tea one needs to drink about 2-4 cups of tea on a daily basis. Drinking tea for long periods of time will help you experience teas healthy benefits. Be patience and incorporate drinking tea on your regular schedule. Try to replace unhealthy drinks with healthy tea and you will feel instantly more active and more relieved.

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