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Fight Depression Naturally

Everyone passes through rough times and occasional feelings of sadness are completely normal. However, if feelings of sadness persist for long periods of time you might be suffering from depression. Before thinking about turning to conventional drugs you might want to try to fight depression naturally.

Learning to cope with life's setbacks is essential but sometimes life seems too overwhelming and we feel powerless and defeated. During those times we need emotional support more than ever and that's why we should turn to our family and friends for encouragement.

Those we love are often able to lighten our mood by offering a change in our perspective and sometimes simply talking to someone about our problems can lift the burden off our shoulders. Here are other things you can do to make a more rapid recovery and fight depression naturally.


When you are depressed the last thing that crosses your mind is to exercise but this might be the most effective way to banish blues. During exercise,endorphins(which are considered the hormone of happiness) are leased and they can improve our mood significantly.
Regular exercise can distracts you temporarily from your problems and you may find that it is easier to cope with your problems with an additional boost of energy.

Exercise is also beneficial for our self-confidence and because it can be often challenging,successfully completing a tough exercise routine can strengthen our belief that we are able cope with life's problems. Because regular exercise improves our appearance our self-esteem increases. As a matter of fact, a study has showed that overweight women who exercised regularly felt more attractive even if they didn't lose weight,which was their primary goal.

Eating Healthy

Your brain needs high quality nutrients in order to function properly. If you neglect healthy eating you will only make your recovery harder as you will have low energy levels, which will only make you feel even more depressed.

Taking vitamins and supplements might also be a good idea as studies have shown a link between low levels of magnesium and depression. Natural sources of magnesium:are cereals, cooked spinach, nuts, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, raisins or lentils.

Omega 3 fatty acids can also relieve depression symptoms. Natural sources of Omega 3 are fish and flax seed but if you can also take fish oil capsules if you prefer supplements.It may also be useful to increase your intake of B vitamins and folic acid. Good sources of B vitamins are:milk, eggs, poultry, beef, soybeans or fortified grains. As far as folic acid is concerned green leafy vegetable are the best source.

Welcome Frustration and Set Goals

Setting goals is a valuable tool when fighting depression because it helps restore the feeling that we have complete control over our lives. Moreover, as the famous self-help guru Tony Robbins points out, the best time to set goals is when you are feeling frustrated because that's when you most determined to make a change.

Feelings of frustration are a powerful motivator because they help you realize that you are not willing to settle for the life you have right now. The next step is to analyze your current situation and to think about the necessary changes. Once you've identified these changes set your goals and make plans for each of them. After making plans for each of your goals break them down into smaller steps you can take daily to achieve your goals.

Volunteering, making sure you get enough sunlight, avoiding alcohol, meditation, listening to music and getting enough sleep are also useful tools for fighting depression.
Try to include as many of these tools as you can into your daily rituals for a fast recovery. However, if you have been severely depressed for over a month, be sure to seek professional psychological counseling.

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