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Benefits of Vitamin D

Our body relies on vitamins to ensure a healthy development and a proper functioning of the organism. Find out all the benefits of vitamin D so you can promote a healthy lifestyle and minimize the chances of developing certain diseases.

The benefits of vitamin D are well known this is why making sure the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is ensured is important. Vitamins have a well known importance for the health of our organism. A vitamin deficiency can lead to different health problems which everyone should try to avoid.

Every vitamin has it's own role in the proper functioning of the organism, this is why physicians constantly advise people to have a well balanced diet. A deficiency of vitamin D can trigger serious health problems. A proper intake of vitamin D will ensure:

  • a well balance of calcium as vitamin D aids calcium absorption ensuring a perfect maintenance of bone density and bone growth

  • a strong immune system

  • proper insulin secretion

  • regulated blood pressure

  • Vitamin D has been linked to aiding against developing certain diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Vitamin D seems to have a great importance in the well development of the organism and the immune system so it is necessary to pay the attention necessary in ensuring the body with the recommended daily dose of vitamin D and not only.

    Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

    The organism needs a certain amount of vitamins, and by not ensuring the right amount of vitamin D the body will let you know, as an imbalance will be created. This imbalance can lead to a variety of health problems everyone should try their best to avoid. The most common symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency:

  • bone deformities

  • rickets

  • cavities

  • osteoporosis

  • immune system diseases

  • Studies performed have shown that there might be a link between vitamin D deficiency and high blood pressure, cancer, chronic pain, memory loss and diabetes type 1.

    Vitamin D overdose

    Everyone knows by now that nothing done excessively is beneficial, thus a vitamin D overdose can have a negative impact over the organism. In excessive doses vitamin D is toxic and can lead to a variety of health problems like:

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • excessive urinating

  • hypercalcemia

  • heart disease

  • Vitamin D is a vitamin which is naturally produced in our body due to sun exposure, but it can also be obtained through eating vitamin D containing foods and turning to vitamin supplements. Foods which contain vitamin D are: salmon, eggs, milk and cod liver oil.
    By consulting your physician regularly and by ensuring a healthy lifestyle and a well balanced diet one can offer the body only healthy benefits, so make sure your body receives the right dose of vitamin D.

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