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Aromatherapy is considered to be an alternative medicine with amazing effects over the mind and body. Reaching our olfacory senses and stimulating it using amazing essential oils, aromatherapy is becoming a highly popular relaxation technique.

Discovering aromatherapy benefits can be an amazingly pleasureful experience as stress relieve and mood improvement are the target of aromatherapy. A relaxation technique with an ancient background, aromatherapy seems to be a stress relief and relaxation technique preferred by more and more people for the mind and body.

Aromatherapy Facts

Aromatherapy is based on the olfactory response given by the brain when a certain scent reaches our senses. There is a link between the sense of smell, scent and mood, and aromatherapy tries to used different scents to bring lift the spirit, relax the body and mind and install good mood.
Aromatherapy uses essential oils made out of natural herbs which are known for their health benefits. Essential oils are highly volatile strong essences which quickly disperse in contact with heat or air. Considered an alternative medicine, aromatherapy should be a part of your pampering rituals on a regular basis.

Aromatherapy Application Methods

Because some people can find relaxation in different ways, aromatherapy has developed two methods meant to instal good mood and relaxation. Both these methods rely on scent for it's effectiveness, it is the application method that gives the difference:

  • air diffusion in which different aromatherapy oils are dispersed into the air by heating the essential oils or allowing them to evaporate

  • essential oil massages use these highly volatile oils on the skin. The oils will liberate a lovely scent in contact with the skin's warmth.

  • Aromatherapyessential oil

    Aromatherapy Essential Oils
    Because different herbs have different benefits, and people grow fond of different scents which bring them joyful memories, there are a variety of essential oils available in aromatherapy. Here are the most common essential oils used and their benefits:

  • lavender is known for it's antiseptic benefits, calming and relaxing effects

  • chamomile is an anti-depressant which calms and relaxes the body. Chamomile can also have a toning and anti-inflammatory effect over the skin

  • basil is used in aromatherapy to clear depression and relieve headaches and tension

  • rose oil is used in aromatherapy for relaxation and aphrodisiac benefits

  • tea tree oil is known for it's antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiseptic benefits so it is popular in aromatherapy

  • rosemary essential oils is known for it's calming effects, antiseptic and refreshing properties

  • lemon oil has been proven to be highly effective in installing good mood and a state of relaxation

  • ylang-ylang is known as an aphrodisiac and a sebum stimulant

  • There are so many more other essential oils used in aromatherapy depending on the desired effect and problem.
    Try to pamper yourself with aromatherapy as often as you wish or you need in a specialized salon or in the comfort of your own home.

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